Managing with Humanity – Bogdana Coudsy

The metaphor of the year? Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Women and Leadership should be synonyms. Digital is a chance. Spread Love in Organizations should be integrated at work to show what is best in human being… Those are only parts of an incredible, genuine, and surprising discussion with Bogdana Coudsy! Hear from the leader heading the medical team of vaccines in the pandemic and what made her team thrive every day helping humanity.

“Do not deny at work what is the most beautiful in human being.”

MEET OUR GUEST Dr Bogdana Coudsy is the Vice President, Head of Global Medical Franchise for vaccines specifically at Sanofi-Pasteur. A medical doctor by training and pharmaceutical marketer by trade, Bogdana has an impressive resume and career.

Bogdana has held consequential leadership roles across the globe at Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and now leading the Medical Team of Influenza franchise at Sanofi-Pasteur as a leader and expert in vaccines and immunology. She makes a daily population-level impact on public health on the front end these days! 

Bogdana is an impressive leader with a wealth of experience across the globe, and an avid learner. With all she has to lead during those moments, she is also investing her time in an Executive MBA in Paris.