Special Episodes

In this series, you will hear from thought leaders, academics, executive coaches, dreamers giving us advices on how to lead with love for sustainable positive impact.

Purpose & People – Amy Edmondson

It is our responsibility as leaders to build fearless organizations. Organizations with low interpersonal fear for our people to be willing to speak-up their ideas, their beliefs, their thoughts, their experiments, their doubts, and team-up with one another for the greater…More

People Come First – Johanna Hising DiFabio

Chatting with a leader whose passion and purpose is to develop innovative principled leaders has a special taste! This is what Johanna Hising DiFabio, Assistant Dean Sloan Fellows MBA and Executive MBA at MIT thrive for! Johanna’s inspiring personal story moving…More

From a Place of Love – Theresa Hummel-Krallinger

What are the reasons and the differentiator that makes your organization a place you want to spend 8-10 hours a day working for? How to become an employer of choice? What is at the heart of your organization? Theresa Hummel-Krallinger an Emmy Award-winning comedian, senior training professional…More

Making Friends With Yourself – Brie Doyle

This episode is like no other. You will be hearing from Brie Doyle on how to take care of yourself as a leader – a key subject, yet rarely seriously considered by many of us. Great advice, tips, daily practices, and…More

A Mindful Moment – Shavasana

“Be brave, and show your voice to the world.” “All children are born artists” but how to remain artists as we grow up?  Do not put a ceiling on what you think, just like kids, do not be frightened to be wrong. Pause and focus on…More

Go Where You Are Loved – Rob Salafia

What can we take from being an art performer to becoming an exceptional leader? A silver line connects both: you have to shift your perspective and be genuinely interested in your audience, your people, allowing them to better connect with you.…More

Outsider To Coach – Gayle Grader

In every possible way, we are all made up of stories that we accept and acknowledge. These stories shape how we see and define ourselves. Growing up in an immigrant family of 8 adopted children, Gayle Grader was perceived as an…More

Water the Garden with Love – Daena Giardella

Daena Giardella’s background is quite unique, shifting from performing art to an executive coaching career. She makes an analogy between art and leadership…Because both careers are all about making connections with people and telling the stories that are needed to be told. Daena…More