Boldly Inclusive Leader – Minette Norman

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Boldly Inclusive Leader - Minette Norman

From helping others learn how to use Adobe by literally writing manuals to leading globally thousands of engineers in a major tech company, Minette Norman’s recipe for success to deliver transformation is collaboration and inclusion. Empathy and building inclusive psychologically safe environments have been Minette’s guiding principles as she led teams and now through her entrepreneurial journey and books. “Inviting” is her reaction to leadership. Minette leaves us with a charge to be bravely self-aware as leaders since our people look at us and we have the power and responsibility to make the positive changes needed around us.

“You have so much more power to change the workplace than you think.”

MEET OUR GUEST Minette Norman, a leader, entrepreneur, author, and thinker.

Minette Norman brings decades of leadership experience in the software industry to her consulting business, Minette Norman Consulting LLC, which is focused on developing transformational leaders who create inclusive working environments with a foundation of psychological safety. Minette has extensive experience leading globally distributed teams and believes that when groups leverage diversity in all its forms, breakthroughs happen. Her most recent position before starting her own consultancy was as Vice President of Engineering Practice at Autodesk, where she transformed how Autodesk developed software. Responsible for influencing more than 3,500 engineers around the globe, she focused on state-of-the-art engineering practices while nurturing a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Minette is a keynote speaker on topics of inclusive leadership, psychological safety in the workplace, and embracing empathy. Named in 2017 as one of the “Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business” by the San Francisco Business Times and as “Business Role Model of the Year” in the 2018 Women in IT/Silicon Valley Awards, Minette is a recognized leader with a unique perspective.

Minette has co-authored a book about psychological safety for leaders, The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human, which will be published in February 2023. Her second book, The Boldly Inclusive Leader, will be published in August 2023.

Minette holds degrees in Drama and French from Tufts University and studied at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.

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Naji Gehchan: Hello, leaders of the world. Welcome to spread love in organizations, the podcast for purpose-driven healthcare leaders, striving to make life better around the world by leading their teams with genuine care, servant leadership, and love. Naji Gehchan: I am Naji, your host for this episode, joined today by Minette Norman. Minette brings decades of leadership experience in the software industry to her consulting business focused on developing transformational leaders who create inclusive working environments with a foundation of psychological safety. Minette has extensive experience leading globally distributed teams and believes that when groups leverage diversity in all…

Common Sense Not Commonly Practiced – Hope Zoeller

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Common Sense Not Commonly Practiced - Hope Zoeller

We might not have similar stories though we certainly share a common passion and leadership belief: Leading from a place of love. In this new era and for our teams with newly articulated needs, we need to adapt and build the necessary leadership skills to deliver on our company’s purpose and results. For Hope Zoeller, those skills are summarized by listening, being objective, having a versatile attitude, and constantly demonstrating empathy. Hope also shares great tips to lead in our hybrid world and ways to ensure our people feel valued, respected, and engaged for them to thrive.

“Lead with LOVE: Listening Ear, Objective Mind, Versatile Attitude, Empathetic Heart.”

MEET OUR GUEST Hope Zoeller Founder and President of HOPE LLC.

Dr. Hope Zoeller is the Founder and President of HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC, a firm that specializes in facilitating leader success at every level of an organization.

For over 15 years of her professional career, Hope worked at UPS in various roles including Customer Service, Training and Development, and Employee Relations. For the past 17 years, she has been consulting organizations on leadership development.

Hope is also a Professor at Spalding University instructing in the Master of Business Communication program. She has a Doctorate in Leadership Education from Spalding University, a Master of Education in Training and Development from the University of Louisville, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology from Bellarmine University.

Hope co-authored with Dr. Joe DeSensi HOPE for Leaders Unabridged Volume 1 and HOPE Leaders in the 2020s…New Issues to Face, New Problems to Solve, New Hope for the Future Volume 2.

Networks Superpower – Glenna Crooks

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Networks Superpower - Glenna Crooks

Have you ever thought about your networks? The different people who support you in different ways for you to be who you are and achieve your purpose? Glenna Crooks, innovator, author and healthcare expert has defined eight networks in our lives and showed that managing successfully those helps us succeed in improving our health, personal relationships, family life, income, and careers. Glenna also shares her view on leadership in healthcare. When asked to react on the word Healthcare she said: “We need more of both… Health and Care.”

“Understand the complexity of your people and customers to better serve them”

MEET OUR GUEST Glenna Crooks, Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Author. Healthcare, Policy, and Public Health Expert.

Glenna Crooks, Ph.D., is a strategist, innovator, and trusted counsel to government and business leaders. In her latest venture, a story told in The NetworkSage: Realize Your Network Superpower, she describes a new way to help people lessen the overwhelm of modern life, address work-life balance, performance, productivity, and family caregiving by better understanding and managing the eight networks that support working adults.

 She was the Founder and CEO of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc. solving solved tough health care problems and is known as a “one-woman think tank” with a talent for “organizing chaos” and solving complex problems. She was an appointee of President Ronald Reagan, responsible for a $70 billion portfolio of health programs. As global vice-president of Merck’s Vaccine Business, she expanded US operations to create a global business, tripling vaccine sales to more than $1 billion in under three years.  

A graduate of Indiana University, she is a Fellow of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Neuroscience and Society and a Fellow of the Drexel University Center for Population Health and Community Involvement.

Glenna has been a member of corporate and non-profit Boards, including American Biogenetic Sciences, Inc., the David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship, founding Vice-Chair of the Partnership for Prevention, Chairman of the National Commission on Rare Diseases, and a member of the National Council of the Institute for Child Health and Human Development, the Board of Scientific Counselors of the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative and the Institute of Medicine Committee to advise the Department of Defense on bioterrorism/biowarfare countermeasures.

Her many accomplishments earned her recognition as a Disruptive Woman in Health Care and a 2017 Disruptive Woman to Watch. She received the Congressional Exemplary Service Award for Orphan Products Development and is the first civilian to receive the highest award in public health, the Surgeon General’s Medallion from C. Everett Koop.

She lives in Philadelphia, is a mu shin Zen artist, donating her works to support children’s special needs, and is the author of six books.