The Art of Possible – Andrew Bunton

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
The Art of Possible - Andrew Bunton

We have read a lot about leading in crisis. Andrew Bunton has definitely done so, leading his teams during the Covid pandemic and reinventing patient experience in one of the largest retail pharmacies in the US. Hear his thoughts and takeaways also on leading transformations including omnichannel and how focusing on purpose, empowering diverse talents, and helping them grow will lead to exploring the art of possible!

“It’s not just the output, it is about your people’s journey”

MEET OUR GUEST Andrew Bunton Vice President of Pharmacy Omnichannel Customer Experience at CVS Health

Andrew Bunton is the Vice President of Omnichannel Customer Experience at CVS Health, where he leads the efforts to create a differentiated frictionless pharmacy experience leveraging CVS’ digital and physical assets. Andrew has worked at CVS Health for 10 years, including leading the retail pharmacy’s development and management of clinical services to improve patient adherence, Enterprise Workforce Management where he led all aspects of resource planning, labor budgeting, and scheduling for CVS Health’s retail business, Omnicare, MinuteClinic, and Coram, and Retail Health Services Strategy and New Product Development, where he led all aspects of strategic planning as well as the discovery, design, incubation, and scaling of new business lines.

Prior to CVS, Andrew was a Case Team Leader and Consultant at Bain & Company in Boston and a Vice President in the Corporate & Investment Banking Group at Bank of America. Andrew holds a BA from Bates College and earned an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.


Naji: Hello, leaders of the world. Welcome to spread love in organizations, the podcast for purpose-driven healthcare leaders, striving to make life better around the world by leading their teams with genuine care, servant leadership, and love. I’m Naji your host for this podcast, joined today by Andrew Bunton Vice President of Omnichannel customer experience and at CVS Health, Andrew leads the efforts to create a differentiated, frictionless pharmacy experience leveraging cvs, digital and physical assets. He has worked at CVS Health for 10 years, including leading the retail pharmacies, development, and management of clinical services, retail health…

Stop, Listen, and Learn – Myriam Hakim

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Stop, Listen, and Learn - Myriam Hakim

Success is not how high you climb but how you make a positive difference in the world and even more specifically how you make a positive difference in people’s lives and anyone who came across your path. This says a lot about my discussion with Myriam Hakim, an accomplished leader in the pharma industry. From growing up with incredible women as her role models to now being an example herself to many in the Middle East and beyond, Myriam shares her personal story, her key learnings building teams and affiliates from scratch, while always being passionate about people, patients, and business.

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something new if you listen to others.”

MEET OUR GUEST Myriam Hakim Cluster General Manager at Kyowa Kirin Gulf Countries.

Myriam Hakim is an experienced pharma executive with 20 years of successful career in various key roles in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the Middle East. Her main focus has always been to create and add value to patients and medical communities in various therapeutic areas and particularly in rare diseases and Oncology. With her entrepreneurial spirit and results-orientation, Myriam has built, established, and grown teams to deliver profitable business covering the entire GCC and the middle east region.

Myriam is a fervent supporter to drive diversity and inclusion mainly around women in the workplace and in leadership positions within the pharma industry. She is a strong believer in leading with courage, passion, and love.

Red Energy and Empathy – Jeremy Morgan

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Red Energy and Empathy - Jeremy Morgan

Have you ever walked one million steps in 35 days; carrying your life in a bag-pack, walk and reflect? Going through this experience, “you just be”. From the impostor’s syndrome to the Camino de Santiago in Spain, walking us through how he combined the red energy and drive with even more crucial leadership skills: empathy, harmony, and authentic care. An episode full of stories, and real-life experiences, from early-career advice to life-learning experiences as an executive in the Healthcare Industry. An episode, you start and you won’t be able to stop!

When asked about diversity and inclusion, Jeremy recommends reading “Delusions Of Gender” by Cordelia Fine. The book made him reflect on privileges and the importance of building environments where people feel respected and every person can bring their own self.

“You can’t serve others until you care about yourself.”

MEET OUR GUEST Jeremy Morgan is a global healthcare senior Executive with an extensive experience in the bio-pharmaceutical industry across the globe. Jeremy is currently Senior Vice President leading the rare disease business at Kyowa Kirin. He has a passion for people, diversity, and inclusion and enjoys very long-distance walking.

Jeremy started his career as a research biologist and then joined Eli Lilly in 1986 as a sales representative going through multiple assignments in the UK, USA, and France with increasing responsibility before becoming a General Manager in 2003 for the company’s operations in Turkey.  Further General Management jobs followed in Australia and then Germany before taking on the leadership of the international Diabetes business covering Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, and NZ. After retiring in 2017, Jeremy took the opportunity to try something different and consulted in the market access space for a couple of years before returning to his passion and joining Kyowa Kirin International to lead the rare disease business.

Jeremy is a champion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and brings extensive external engagement experience from multiple charity and industry boards including EuropaBio.

Jeremy is Welsh, married to Clare – has 2 kids, and lives just outside Cobham in Surrey, UK.  In his spare time, he enjoys all sports, long-distance walking and loves to cook.