Trust Yourself – Cathy Nolan

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Trust Yourself - Cathy Nolan

In this episode, I sat with Cathy Nolan, an experienced international healthcare business executive and leader who shared with me her secret recipe for building high-performing diverse teams: it starts with the clarity of vision, giving people a voice, and having fun! And if you’re not having enough fun, be courageous to make a change. For Cathy, trust is built when we help each other. Hear more stories, life-learning experiences, and powerful words of wisdom. She leaves us with great advice: trust your instinct, you are good enough.

“If you’re not having fun, make a change.”

MEET OUR GUEST Cathy Nolan an experienced international business executive, and founding member at Chief.

Cathy has spent over 23 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, with nearly 20 years at Eli Lilly and Company, and 3 years at Aimmune Therapeutics. She is an experienced international business leader, creating value by delivering highly successful launch and growth strategies in Big Pharma, niche, and non-conventional biotech. She has extensive experience across US, UK, and Europe including multiple launches in Neuroscience, Oncology, and Immunology. She has a decisive, forthright and authentic leadership style with a proven ability to build and develop talented, diverse, and thriving commercial teams at a global, regional and local level.

Cathy is from a large Irish family and grew up on a farm in the west of Ireland. She is married to Jon from England, and lives in Twickenham, South West London, with Jon, their two boys, Lorcan (10) and Cormac (8), and their Labradoodle dog Ozzie. Cathy likes to spend time with her family and friends, stay fit and active, read, and watch movies. 


Naji Gehchan: Hello, leaders of the world. Welcome to spread love in organizations, the podcast for purpose-driven healthcare leaders, striving to make life better around the world by leading their teams with genuine care, servant leadership, and love. I am Naji, your host for this episode joined today by Cathy Nolan, an experienced international business executive. Cathy has spent over 23 years in the pharma and biotech industry, including Eli Lilly, and more recently Aimmune Therapeutics. As a leader, Cathy consistently created value by building and developing diverse talents globally and delivering highly successful launches and growth strategies in Big…