True Self-Leadership – Sebastian Sorsaburu

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True Self-Leadership - Sebastian Sorsaburu

Episode 17 is here, and we are joined by Sebastian Sorsaburu, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Specialty Care Head at AbbVie. Sebastian has an interesting take on leadership, team building, and self-awareness. This episode is all about how to stay true to yourself and lead by example to get to a point where the “total of your work is bigger than the sum of the parts”. It is also a wake-up call to all leaders to nurture self-leadership, and practice self-awareness, and self-knowledge.

We are the sum of our focused moments – Focus is the true multiplier.”

MEET OUR GUEST Dr. Sebastian Sorsaburu Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Specialty Care Head at AbbVie. Sebastian’s passion is to help bridge the gap between Scientific Innovation and Clinical Practice to help optimize Health Population Outcomes.

Dr. Sorsaburu is a Physician executive with 20 years of portfolio management and leadership experience across Research & Development functions, in multiple geographies and therapeutic areas.

Sebastian is passionate about understanding and prioritizing effectively in 3 major areas.

1. Building high-performing teams by attracting, nurturing, and developing talent, by fostering a culture of diversity, belonging, and innovation, and giving special attention to communication frequency and style.
2. Driving Performance to deliver results that matter to patients, the organization and the broader enterprise.
3. Shaping the future through horizon scan (science, clinical practice, policy, capabilities), dynamic organizational design and digital culture transformation to accelerate learning and performance operating under 3 principles to evolve the ways we work: autonomy, collaboration and speed.

Sebastian is the author of over 40 scientific documents including 20 peer-reviewed publications, regulatory safety and clinical trial dossiers, NDA and IND submissions.

Learning Through Humility – Karla Alcazar

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Learning Through Humility - Karla Alcazar

Hear about a passionate leader in healthcare, from her childhood inspired by 3 powerful women in her family to now giving back every day what others gave her to help diverse talents in her organizations, and also impact socially youth in the Brazilian favelas. Listen to what Karla thinks about innovation and why inclusion means dancing!

“Stay humble to keep learning.”

MEET OUR GUEST Karla Alcazar is an international leader passionate about making life better for people around the world through driving innovation in her organizations and leading with genuine care. Karla is the General Manager of the Brazilian affiliate in the pharmaceutical industry, with an extensive experience in sales, marketing, and general management.

Karla is a native of Mexico and joined Eli Lilly as a Market Research Manager in Mexico in 2006. Her first four years within the business were spent in assignments in marketing and sales before moving to the United States of America to assume a Global Brand Leadership Role. In 2013, Karla returned to Mexico to lead the primary care business and then took over the responsibility of leading the BioMedicine Business Unit of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. In 2015, she assumed the role of Senior Director, Chief Marketing Officer of the LACAM region overseeing the marketing functions and leading the digital transformation within the business, before moving in January 2018 to lead as the General Manager of the Brazilian affiliate.

Karla holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (ITAM – Mexico) and a Master’s in Business Administration – MBA from Tulane University, USA.

Karla is a member of the CEO’s Committee at INTERFARMA (Pharma Trade Association), American Chamber (AMCHAM), and a Board Member of United Way Brazil.

An Artist in Business – Geraldine Maouchi

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SpreadLove In Organizations
An Artist in Business - Geraldine Maouchi

#Botox_Your_Brain #Make_It_Happen #Agility_Is_An_Attitude, Geraldine lives by those hashtags! A business transformer, digital enthusiast, artist, executive, leader, a citizen of the world so many powerful words can help us draw an image of who she is. Through her diverse, impressive life and career in different types of organizations including healthcare, one common thread defined her learning: “it’s all about the Human”.

“Doubt. Think. Believe in yourself. Dare to try. Re-do it again and again.”

MEET OUR GUEST Geraldine Maouchi is an expert in Business Transformation. For the last 6 years, Geraldine has been leading Digital Transformations as a C-Level, member of Executive Committees in Retail, Luxury, and Healthcare. She was one of the first CDO to have joined the Chief Digital Officer Club in 2013. 

Since 2000, Geraldine Maouchi developed twofold expertise – both online and offline based on her vision of a Hybrid model blending the traditional and digital. She worked across Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Brazil, for all kinds of organizations (start-ups, SMC, groups, family businesses, entrepreneur, NGO), and in various industries (high-tech, telecom, hospitality, luxury, healthcare, retail, eBusiness…).  

Geraldine is, as well, a Guest lecturer for the HEC Master and MBA “Shaping Strategies in a Digital World” elective course and a Board Member of the EMlyon “Specialized Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy”.

Geraldine wrote several articles that were published in various media in Europe, USA, Middle-East, these include:
– Transformation in post-covid new normal (hybrid organization and holistic management): Will the new normal see the advent of novel leadership and hybrid organizations, The Economist Intelligence Unit, July 2020
– Building hybrid organizations (where online and offline merge) for both traditional companies and pure players: “The 4 steps towards a Hybrid organization” co-written with Affiliate Professor at Master of Strategy HEC Business School, Hélène Musikas, Forbes France, Q4 2019. 
– Digital Bulletin UK “Keeping Up with Digital Transformation” 

Leading a transformation: core is trust but then?

Who of us is not in a transformation mode in this 21st century? Who didn’t notice that the world is changing? Well has it ever stopped changing? Luckily no… Things are static when there’s no life in them. Change is a constant we live with. Its pace has drastically accelerated probably these last years but change is here and is here to stay whether we want it or not.

Now with this word “change” in organizations comes “fear”, rare people see in change “opportunity”, so you can imagine the emotions related to “transformation”, “cultural transformation”. Trust is the core in these situations. Interesting fact is that everyone thinks “trust” is encored in their teams until change or transformation starts. With trust, transformation can be ignited.

We would hear a lot that “it has to start from the top”, other would argue that at the opposite it has to be a “bottom-up approach”, always the same people on the “top” deciding if it has to be top-down or bottom-up… What if we stop for a moment these hierarchical attributes and think of our people in an organization as a bunch of talented and diverse individuals willing to thrive and transform for a common vision and “why”. Once we start seeing this, real transformation begins! It has to be a movement! It’s all about creating this movement, and once there, this community can live by its own and that’s the beauty of leadership to my eyes: we as leaders are not needed anymore, movement is so big it will continue without us… The more diverse and inclusive the community behind the movement is, the bigger chance it has to make it happen.

My learning through leading transformations is that creating a movement can be challenging but so rewarding that leaders and teams are willing to endorse as a community. The biggest “hurdle” though as it grows is not killing it with continuous frustrations within this community… So transformation doesn’t stop once the movement has been created. As leaders, we have to go into the details and understand the frustrations this community is facing (will face) throughout the organization. Map each one of them, work it out with the different parties, coach, train people in the movement and those who didn’t yet onboard. Try to nail down each one of these roadblocks so that the movement grow bigger in the different parts of the organization and delivers its promise.