Pain and Passion – Phil Johnson

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Pain and Passion - Phil Johnson

Lowering your walls spreads love. People follow inspirational leaders because of love; they feel safe, they feel lifted up and not held down. Hear from Phil Johnson about his work and belief on emotional intelligence. There are two sources of motivation that will cause us to do the emotional labor and leave our comfort zone: One is pain, and the other is passion. For him, emotional intelligence is this experiential process. We must take the leap of faith to begin the journey so that we see its value in our life.

“Leadership is not a title or position; it is a choice that each of us needs to make.”

MEET OUR GUEST Phil Johnson Founder & CEO of Master of Business Leadership program.

For the past 21 years, Phil Johnson has been an executive coach, teacher, and mentor dedicated to helping executives and organizations achieve remarkable results. His program touched leaders across the globe and in different industries. Phil was a corporate executive in the semiconductor industry for 20 years before founding MBL.