Strategic Apathy – Monty Sharma

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Strategic Apathy - Monty Sharma

If you are looking for inspiration, straightforward and pragmatic advice, this episode is for you! Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start and scale a business or a healthcare leader looking to have an impact, Monty’s authentic perspective will help you see things clearer. His favorite sentence “What the heck do I know” shows his powerful humility as he mentors hundreds of startups. Monty shares insights and guidance on how to build teams as an entrepreneur and build the crucial capabilities of a leader. Hope you will enjoy this open and candid discussion.

Leadership has a moral obligation to help the team grow.”

MEET OUR GUEST Monty Sharma, serial entrepreneur, Managing Director of MassDiGI.

Monty Sharma is a serial entrepreneur, a mentor in several start-up programs, and currently Managing Director of MassDiGI. 

Prior to joining MassDiGI, Monty, a respected game industry and technology professional, was co-founder and general manager of Vivox, a voice chat service provider in the games industry with key relationships to EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Nexon, Bigpoint, and many others. Monty advises a number of game companies and is a veteran MassChallenge and MIT Sandbox mentor.

Cycling Forward – Ian MacGregor

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Cycling Forward - Ian MacGregor

 An athlete and champion who took a pain point for cyclists, along with his co-founder Dr. Allen Lim, created a company now employing more than 100 employees. From accountability and grit to being real, empathetic, and radically candid, hear from a successful entrepreneur solving sports nutrition problems.

“Say what you mean with the other person’s best interest in mind.”

MEET OUR GUEST Ian MacGregor founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skratch Labs..

Ian Co-founded more than a decade ago Skratch Labs, a sports nutrition company based in Boulder Colorado that was recognized by Inc. 500 as the 3rd fastest-growing food and beverage company in the US. He is now the CEO. In 2007 he co-founded The Just Go Harder Foundation to provide mentorship opportunities for aspiring cyclists and ski racers. Ian is a former professional cyclist and two-time US National Espoir Road Cycling Champion. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Colorado School of Mines and currently resides with his family in the small mountain town of Nederland, Colorado.

Learning Through Humility – Karla Alcazar

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Learning Through Humility - Karla Alcazar

Hear about a passionate leader in healthcare, from her childhood inspired by 3 powerful women in her family to now giving back every day what others gave her to help diverse talents in her organizations, and also impact socially youth in the Brazilian favelas. Listen to what Karla thinks about innovation and why inclusion means dancing!

“Stay humble to keep learning.”

MEET OUR GUEST Karla Alcazar is an international leader passionate about making life better for people around the world through driving innovation in her organizations and leading with genuine care. Karla is the General Manager of the Brazilian affiliate in the pharmaceutical industry, with an extensive experience in sales, marketing, and general management.

Karla is a native of Mexico and joined Eli Lilly as a Market Research Manager in Mexico in 2006. Her first four years within the business were spent in assignments in marketing and sales before moving to the United States of America to assume a Global Brand Leadership Role. In 2013, Karla returned to Mexico to lead the primary care business and then took over the responsibility of leading the BioMedicine Business Unit of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. In 2015, she assumed the role of Senior Director, Chief Marketing Officer of the LACAM region overseeing the marketing functions and leading the digital transformation within the business, before moving in January 2018 to lead as the General Manager of the Brazilian affiliate.

Karla holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (ITAM – Mexico) and a Master’s in Business Administration – MBA from Tulane University, USA.

Karla is a member of the CEO’s Committee at INTERFARMA (Pharma Trade Association), American Chamber (AMCHAM), and a Board Member of United Way Brazil.