True Self-Leadership – Sebastian Sorsaburu

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SpreadLove In Organizations
True Self-Leadership - Sebastian Sorsaburu

Episode 17 is here, and we are joined by Sebastian Sorsaburu, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Specialty Care Head at AbbVie. Sebastian has an interesting take on leadership, team building, and self-awareness. This episode is all about how to stay true to yourself and lead by example to get to a point where the “total of your work is bigger than the sum of the parts”. It is also a wake-up call to all leaders to nurture self-leadership, and practice self-awareness, and self-knowledge.

We are the sum of our focused moments – Focus is the true multiplier.”

MEET OUR GUEST Dr. Sebastian Sorsaburu Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Specialty Care Head at AbbVie. Sebastian’s passion is to help bridge the gap between Scientific Innovation and Clinical Practice to help optimize Health Population Outcomes.

Dr. Sorsaburu is a Physician executive with 20 years of portfolio management and leadership experience across Research & Development functions, in multiple geographies and therapeutic areas.

Sebastian is passionate about understanding and prioritizing effectively in 3 major areas.

1. Building high-performing teams by attracting, nurturing, and developing talent, by fostering a culture of diversity, belonging, and innovation, and giving special attention to communication frequency and style.
2. Driving Performance to deliver results that matter to patients, the organization and the broader enterprise.
3. Shaping the future through horizon scan (science, clinical practice, policy, capabilities), dynamic organizational design and digital culture transformation to accelerate learning and performance operating under 3 principles to evolve the ways we work: autonomy, collaboration and speed.

Sebastian is the author of over 40 scientific documents including 20 peer-reviewed publications, regulatory safety and clinical trial dossiers, NDA and IND submissions.