Co-Creator of Impact – Alon Shklarek

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Co-Creator of Impact - Alon Shklarek

“What makes you tick?” Alon Shklarek took this question to a deep reflection that led him to be free. Free to create impact through businesses, live his purpose to improve the world, and fix meaningful problems. His deep belief is that every company should have a social impact focus, and deeply think about how with their capabilities they can make the world a better place. Hear his thoughts on leadership being a team sport, his views on entrepreneurship, him not being George Clooney, and his words of wisdom on impact.

“When I see a problem I care about, I start a business.”

MEET OUR GUEST Alon Shklarek, serial impact entrepreneur, investor, and enabler.

Alon has founded, co-founded, and invested in over 25 businesses across 16 countries to date. Whether it is his ventures in the digital health space that are improving health outcomes for thousands of patients every day or his sustainability-focused ventures such as his leading plastics recycling company that gives over 100.000 tons of plastic waste a second life every year, all his companies are focused around leading with purpose and impact.

As an active Impact Investor Alon directly supports and mentors selected social entrepreneurs and is an ASN member of Ashoka, the world’s leading social entrepreneurship organization.

Besides, Alon teaches Leadership and Entrepreneurship as Guest Lecturer at MIT.

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Naji: Hello, leaders of the world. Welcome to spread love in organizations, the podcast for purpose-driven healthcare leaders, striving to make life better around the world by leading their teams with genuine care, servant leadership and love. I’m Naji your host for this episode, joined today by Alon Shklarek serial entrepreneur investor, and a serial entrepreneur. Alon has founded co-founded and invested in over 25 businesses across 16 countries. Whether it is duct plexus, the largest Indian doctors platform that solves thousands of patient cases every day, or sky plastics, a leading European recycling company that recycles over 100,000 tons…

Know When to Go – Jonathan Fleming

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Know When to Go - Jonathan Fleming

It starts with the right people to solve the 75 steps! Jonathan Fleming is clear on what it takes to build successful biotech companies. He has built, cofounded, and funded several companies serving and changing the lives of millions of patients worldwide. Great leaders are humble and mindful enough to understand the blessing they were given for them to give back. They lead with care and love, especially in healthcare. Leadership is also about knowing when to go. In this provocative episode, you will hear incredible insights and straightforward words of wisdom. A great summary for us leading healthcare organizations: we should never forget our moral, ethical, and legal responsibility for patients, employees, and shareholders.

“Leading with love and care is something you should do to the core of your being in healthcare.”

MEET OUR GUEST Jonathan Fleming Executive Chairman of QurAlis and Enclear Therapies. Former President and CEO of Q-State Biosciences, and former Managing Partner of Oxford Bioscience Partners, an international venture capital firm specialized in life science investments.

Jonathan has been founding, financing, and operating breakthrough life science companies for over 30 years in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. During his career, he has raised more than $1 billion for early-stage investment funds that made more than 200 investments resulting in over 20 IPOs and 40 M&A events.

Jonathan has been the CEO of a neuroscience company, been the chairman of the board of numerous organizations, and been a director of many public and private companies. He has participated in the creation of numerous startups and has worked with seven different Nobel laureates to create and build companies based upon their work.

Jonathan has been a senior lecturer at the Sloan School since 2002 where I met him in an incredible class on strategic decisions in Life Science. 

The Key is People – Zen Chu

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
The Key is People - Zen Chu

Zen Chu built and invested in several successful medical and healthcare companies, his key to success: People first. When reflecting on the investor side, this doesn’t change either, it starts with people. For Zen, the best leaders and investors are those focused on impact, and when love is in their life, it allows them to be laser-focused on the impact they bring. In this episode, hear Zen’s incredible personal story and journey, his insightful advice, and lessons learned from leading turnarounds to building extremely successful ventures!

“Love in your life allows you to focus purely on impact.”

MEET OUR GUEST Zen Chu, Health Tech Serial Entrepreneur, and Investor.

Faculty Director for the Healthcare Ventures graduate courses and Hacking Medicine student teams at MIT, Harvard Medical School and UCLA.

As founder of four medical companies and Hacking Medicine Venture Capital fund, Zen has 25 years of experience building early-stage medical technology and healthcare service companies, usually serving among the first investors in companies like,, FeelMore Labs,, Aptible, Luminopia,, MycoMedica, DirectDerm and a few others still in stealth mode.

Zen cofounded and served as CEO for 3D-Matrix Medical Inc. a venture-backed MIT regenerative medicine company with a successful IPO in 2011. 3D-Matrix has wound-healing and drug-delivery products on the market outside of the US and multiple human clinical trials in process.

I met Zen through the MIT Healthcare Ventures, a course that teaches entrepreneurship, business models, and venture creation around technology that can transform healthcare. Zen actively consults companies in pharma, health tech, and healthcare systems struggling to adapt to global digital healthcare transformation and emerging markets.

Strategic Apathy – Monty Sharma

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Strategic Apathy - Monty Sharma

If you are looking for inspiration, straightforward and pragmatic advice, this episode is for you! Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start and scale a business or a healthcare leader looking to have an impact, Monty’s authentic perspective will help you see things clearer. His favorite sentence “What the heck do I know” shows his powerful humility as he mentors hundreds of startups. Monty shares insights and guidance on how to build teams as an entrepreneur and build the crucial capabilities of a leader. Hope you will enjoy this open and candid discussion.

Leadership has a moral obligation to help the team grow.”

MEET OUR GUEST Monty Sharma, serial entrepreneur, Managing Director of MassDiGI.

Monty Sharma is a serial entrepreneur, a mentor in several start-up programs, and currently Managing Director of MassDiGI. 

Prior to joining MassDiGI, Monty, a respected game industry and technology professional, was co-founder and general manager of Vivox, a voice chat service provider in the games industry with key relationships to EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Nexon, Bigpoint, and many others. Monty advises a number of game companies and is a veteran MassChallenge and MIT Sandbox mentor.

People Over Projects – Julie Rachline

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
People Over Projects - Julie Rachline

In today’s episode, we get to sit with Julie Rachline, CEO at LallianSe. We will deep dive into Julie’s experience as an entrepreneur living by a very genuine motto: Be an opportunity for others! Taking us through her personal journey, and learnings on choosing people over projects, simply because good people lead to great projects and generate outstanding impact. 

“Be an opportunity for others.”

MEET OUR GUEST Julie Rachline Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LallianSe since 2015.

PhD in Neuropharmacology and ESCP Business School Alumni, Julie Rachline is a serial entrepreneur and former VC driven by passion for innovation and science. With more than a decade of experience as an early- stage and growth capital investor in France and Europe combined with two years as a head-hunter, she founded LallianSe in 2015 and is the Integrator’s CEO since.

LallianSe integrator builds the foundations for better health by relying on the LallianSe community of Experts, which offers outsourced management of key responsibilities to steer operations towards success as well as hospital immersion, with coworking spaces combined with dedicated events for innovation in healthcare.

Julie is also co-founder and CEO of Braintale, leader of Invest Health, the commercial affiliate of EIT Health , evaluator for the European Commission with EIC programs and independent board member of DTA Medical, Virdis and TechToMed.

Serial Entrepreneur Physician – Ahmed Mady

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Serial Entrepreneur Physician - Ahmed Mady

Physician, Harvard Medical, MIT, Serial Entrepreneur, Textile Business Owner in Egypt, Start-ups, Stem cells, what else? Hear from a talented innovator, multi-disciplinary mind, and business savvy physician living his life with the same thread since his childhood: being human. From his early childhood in his father’s textile manufacturing site to now leading startups and his family business, he thrives to learn more every day, genuinely cares for his people, leads with purpose, and does business for good.

“To be a good human is a shortcut to be a great leader.”

MEET OUR GUEST Dr. Ahmed Mady is a serial entrepreneur, healthcare consultant, and physician-scientist. He is currently pursuing his Executive MBA degree at MIT Sloan in Boston while serving as the Managing Director of his family textile business in Egypt.

Prior to this role, he worked as the Senior Director of Business Development at an innovative Boston-based diabetes management startup, Healthimation, and as a Senior Consultant at Navigant Consulting where he led numerous global life sciences/healthcare projects in pharmaceutical, med-tech, and biotech spaces. In addition, Dr. Mady has experience conducting translational research at the Cardiovascular Research Center at Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital. His laboratory/clinical research is focused on stem cell applications in Heart diseases and Diabetes, where he investigated the differentiation of stem cells into mature heart cells and created human cardiac tissue engineering models.

Ahmed earned his Medical Degree from Alexandria University in Egypt, having done several rotations in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in the United States.

Dr. Mady has over 14 years of experience in the healthcare business, manufacturing, medical research, and technology management. 


Naji: Hello leaders of the world. Welcome to spread love in organizations, a podcast for purpose driven healthcare leaders, striving to make life better around the world by leading their teams with genuine care, servant leadership and love. I am Naji your host for today’s episode joined by Dr. Mady a physician scientist, healthcare consultant, serial entrepreneur, and a brilliant innovator. Ahmed Mady is currently pursuing his executive MBA at MITs Sloan in Boston. While serving as the managing director of his family, textile business in Egypt. Prior to this role, he worked as the senior director of business development…