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Voice of Change - Rosemarie Day

There are too many issues in the world that we need to solve! This is what drives Rosemarie Day and connects her to her purpose. Her strongest belief is that healthcare is a human right. Through her sense of purpose, collaboration, a healthy dose of patience balanced with impatience and a sense of urgency, Rosemarie led large healthcare reforms that made life better for millions of people. Listen to her story, her journey, her insights, and why she believes that women can lead the fight for universal healthcare and be the voice of change.

“Take the longer view and stick with it.”

MEET OUR GUEST Rosemarie Day, Founder & CEO of Day Health Strategies; Author & Speaker.

Rosemarie Day served as the founding Deputy Director & Chief Operating Officer of the Health Connector in Massachusetts. At the Health Connector in 2006, she helped lead the launch of health reform in Massachusetts, which became the model for the Affordable Care Act. Prior to this role, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Medicaid program, among other state leadership positions. She has been working on health reform ever since, and is passionate about universal healthcare and women’s health issues. She is the founder and CEO of Day Health Strategies, a successful mission-driven, woman-owned consulting firm that celebrated its 12th anniversary in July. 

As a healthcare reform expert and CEO, Rosemarie Day, who is also a breast cancer survivor, has written a book to galvanize women to take action to make health care a right in the US. Its title is “Marching Toward Coverage: How Women Can Lead the Fight for Universal Healthcare” (Beacon Press, 2020). With 28 million Americans uninsured, and millions more who can’t afford their coverage, Rosemarie asks the fundamental question: Can we, as a nation, do better? Rosemarie believes we can and will—once women begin to engage collectively around this topic.

Rosemarie brings a feminist lens to the universal health care debate and seeks to empower more women to engage in that debate. She simplifies complex policy ideas about making change in the health care coverage system into an approachable and engaging framework. She combines a personal perspective on health policy with a professional perspective – she’s at once a health policy expert, strategist, and implementer, as well as a mother, daughter and friend who has faced some challenging health issues. She offers no easy panacea, but instead delivers a pragmatic path forward, one that recognizes health care as a fundamental human right, factors in the role of social determinants, and ensures coverage for all.

More about Rosemarie’s work here: https://rosemarieday.com/

Links to her book: Barnes and NobleIndieboundAmazon, BeaconPenguin Random House, and Porter Square Books.