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Naji Gehchan

I strive to make life better for patients in the communities I serve. This purpose shapes who I am in life from my passion for people to my career choices.

June 13th 2007, I remember that day. Screeching toward a terrorist bombing site in Beirut, I was leading a team of first aid responders. We were the first rescue team on the scene. I had just a couple of seconds to make the decision for myself and my team… Do we risk our lives to save others? We went full steam ahead and spent the next 6 hours finding and saving survivors. When I reflect back, that was a defining moment in my life. My life has been dedicated since then to serving patients and leading teams and organizations toward the noble purpose of making life better. After medical school, business schools and my humanitarian experiences, I am proud today and since more than a decade, to be leading teams in the pharma and biotech industry, working daily to ensure medical innovations and discoveries reach the millions of patients who need them.

My journey through different functions in the organizations and several geographies across the globe strengthen my belief of leading and uniting through purpose while embracing differences and diversity. Co-founding a healthcare startup serving the Arab Region was no different. My passion for people brings me today to spread love in organizations I lead, for people to feel safe to thrive and imagine a better world.

Through those podcasts, and with amazing leaders across the World, let’s start to spread love in organizations we lead to create a genuinely caring environment, where people feel safe and empowered to ask questions, share their feelings and thoughts, nurturing an environment that will foster innovation and reignite collective imagination to create a better world.

Hear more about my story and why we created this movement and podcast through this episode or this podcast.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Zena Sfeir

I believe that no matter the business you’re in, it should lead to positive social impact.

During my business school years, I volunteered in the Lebanese Red Cross as a first aid responder. This experience taught me a lot on so many levels, but more importantly, being in the field during moment of high tension, I was faced with the harsh reality of healthcare disparity and inequities. Access to healthcare became a passion and I dedicated my life choices to impact positively people’s life around me. This brought me to work in the pharmaceutical industry the first years of my professional life before cofounding a digital health startup focusing on empowering and educating patients in the Middle East, to improve health literacy and access to care.

Entrepreneurial spirited, passionately curious about health management and innovation, selected among the “50 entrepreneurs outside the US you need to know“, I am an eternal enthusiast about sharing value and creating connections with people and ideas to improve health around the world.

It’s a great day to create change! Don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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