OneMoment Podcast

In our effort to spread love, inspire openness, draw awareness to how small moments can lead to life-changing outcomes, we wanted to share stories from around the world of one moments and their ripple effects. This is a universal experience and connects all of us as human beings.

Our goal is to highlight the amazing stories and the lifetime ripple effect of one moment in individuals’ lives, and also the impact it has on other people’s lives. These stories are meant to recognize how small decisions in a moment can lead to interesting twists & turns and outcomes that change the world.

C-4 Leadership – Chris Winton
  • In this OneMoment episode, we welcome Chris Winton, currently the Champion of the People at Tesla. Chris joined Tesla in December of 2022 after several years at FedEx where he was most recently the CVP and Chief People Officer. Chris is also an author, mentor, philanthropist, real estate investor, and coach and in 2020 published…More The post C-4 Leadership – Chris Winton […]
  • Today we welcome Rebecca Yeung, Corporate Vice President of Operations Science and Advance Technology at FedEx Corporation, and she is one of fourteen C-Suite leaders who sits on FedEx’s Strategic Management Committee, which sets the global enterprise strategy. In her current role,  she leads FedEx’s innovation strategy. She has focused on onboarding advanced technologies, like…More The post Fail up – Rebecca Yeung […]
  • Today we welcome Emily Cherniack, Founder and Executive Director of New Politics. Founded in 2013, New Politics is focused on revitalizing American democracy by recruiting, developing, and electing servant leaders who put community and country over self. Today’s episode of OneMoment connects one particular phone call Emily made in 2012 which led her to formally…More The post Political Impact Entrepreneur – Emily […]
  • Today we welcome, David Woo. David is a former top Wall Street macro strategist and currently shares his unbiased and non-partisan critical analysis on markets, economics, and politics through his videocast DavidWoo Unbound. Today’s episode of OneMoment shows how a random interaction can lead to the great love and unexpected paths taken. Let’s go back…More The post What Do Woo and Macron […]
  • Today we welcome Rachel Stevens. Rachel is an entrepreneur, cofounder of Vienvie, a fashion marketplace for women over 45, and also a VLOGGER with Unfinished Product, a VLOG that shows her entrepreneurship journey while it is happening… We will take Rachel back in time, to this night she had this bad feeling that something is…More The post From Grief to Resilience – […]
  • Today we welcome Gilbert La Fuente and Irshad Mecca. Gilbert and Mecca are longtime friends who met in college at Tufts University.  Today Mecca is the CEO of Farida, a large shoe manufacturing company in Chennai India, and Gilbert is an expert in Child Protective Services living and working in California. In the 90s, a…More The post The Story of a Phone […]
  • Socrates Rosenfeld is co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies, veteran, husband, and a dog owner. Gayle first met Socrates while he was an MBA student at MIT Sloan and he spilled into her office with one of his best Sloanie friends for a resume review. The two of them were quite a pair bringing a lot of humor and energy. They both were […]
  • Jennifer Rikoski is a Partner at Ropes & Gray, a leading law firm where she is a partner in the employment, executive compensation, M&A, and employee benefits practice group. She also chairs the firm’s pro-bono practice and has focused much of her pro-bono work on working with refugees and immigrants. Jenny has successfully represented several…More The post The Unexpected Moment in a […]

About the Hosts

Gayle Grader – As a coach and advisor, every day I strive to help unleash the potential of people. In doing so, I have heard thousands of stories of people’s journeys and within those, stories of one moments that have changed their lives, from love to friendships, to careers and so much more. I believe every human being has experienced a one moment that is transformative. This is part of the human experience and connects all of us as human beings.

Naji Gehchan – Because I believe we can change the world one story at a time. In this new series with my co-host Gayle, I am hoping to bring inspiration, acceptance, ideas, love, and one moment stories of leaders having a positive impact in the world.