The world needs positive sustainable change. It is our individual and collective responsibility to make it happen. Start the movement! Spread Love in organizations for people to feel safe to thrive, and imagine a better world.

Hear from leaders across the world on their journeys spreading love in their organizations bringing genuine care for people to thrive, resulting in positive impact for the company’s stakeholders and healthcare globally.

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Love Two Feet – Dina Sherif
  • Love Two Feet – Dina Sherif

    Love Two Feet – Dina Sherif

    “How can I increase impact and prosperity for all” has been the guiding principle for Dina Sherif an impact-driven entrepreneur, Senior Lecturer, and Executive Director of MIT Legatum. Through this lens, we discussed impact, sustainability, social change, and the key ingredient to successfully building startups that will make the world a better place. A lot…More

  • Trust Yourself – Cathy Nolan

    Trust Yourself – Cathy Nolan

    In this episode, I sat with Cathy Nolan, an experienced international healthcare business executive and leader who shared with me her secret recipe for building high-performing diverse teams: it starts with the clarity of vision, giving people a voice, and having fun! And if you’re not having enough fun, be courageous to make a change.…More

  • Scale Yourself Up – Cheerag Upadhyaya

    Scale Yourself Up – Cheerag Upadhyaya

    “Drive and determination to take care of patients” is what describes this week’s inspiring guest Dr. Cheerag Upadhyaya. As a neurosurgeon and leader, Cheerag shares his lessons from the operating room leading teams in a high-stress environment to the administrative roles leading strategy and transformation in this episode. The essential ingredients for him to lead…More

  • The Helping Profession – Shahin Gharakhanian

    The Helping Profession – Shahin Gharakhanian

    Careers are a mix of decisions, serendipity, and chance. At least for Dr. Shahin Gharakhanian, this is his belief about his career reflecting his humility. Innovation is about “daring”. Through this chat, you’ll hear from a physician, a pharmaceutical expert, and a leader who lived through one of the most challenging outbreaks of HIV since…More

  • Love, Passion, Accountability – Stephanie Chen

    Love, Passion, Accountability – Stephanie Chen

    “Don’t defer your life.” This is a great word of wisdom to reflect on. We live one life but still manage to live it in a “deferred” way. “Someday we’ll get there, someday we’ll do what we really want…” With this advice, we force ourselves to think if we are living our life as we…More

  • Honest, Authentic, Truthful Leadership – Pravin Chaturvedi

    Honest, Authentic, Truthful Leadership – Pravin Chaturvedi

    In this episode, you’ll hear from a serial biotech entrepreneur and incredible leader Pravin Chaturvedi. Many insightful words I kept with me from this episode as a leader in healthcare: Strive to Impact, not Impress. Life is short when you’re happy, long when you’re suffering. Never tolerate oppression of any form. Residual intellect. Powerpoint is…More

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