The world needs positive sustainable change. It is our individual and collective responsibility to make it happen. Start the movement! Spread Love in organizations for people to feel safe to thrive, and imagine a better world.

Hear from leaders across the world on their journeys spreading love in their organizations bringing genuine care for people to thrive, resulting in positive impact for the company’s stakeholders and healthcare globally.

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Co-Creator of Impact – Alon Shklarek
  • Co-Creator of Impact – Alon Shklarek

    Co-Creator of Impact – Alon Shklarek

    “What makes you tick?” Alon Shklarek took this question to a deep reflection that led him to be free. Free to create impact through businesses, live his purpose to improve the world, and fix meaningful problems. His deep belief is that every company should have a social impact focus, and deeply think about how with…More

  • Know When to Go – Jonathan Fleming

    Know When to Go – Jonathan Fleming

    It starts with the right people to solve the 75 steps! Jonathan Fleming is clear on what it takes to build successful biotech companies. He has built, cofounded, and funded several companies serving and changing the lives of millions of patients worldwide. Great leaders are humble and mindful enough to understand the blessing they were…More

  • Follow Your Bliss – Socrates Rosenfeld

    Follow Your Bliss – Socrates Rosenfeld

    Socrates Rosenfeld is co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies, veteran, husband, and a dog owner. Gayle first met Socrates while he was an MBA student at MIT Sloan and he spilled into her office with one of his best Sloanie friends for a resume review. The two of them were quite a pair bringing a lot of humor and energy. They both were recent veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Socrates’ one moment led to the building of Jane Technologies. So, let’s go back in time, to that conversation he had with his wife…More

  • Committed to Serve – Umbereen Nehal

    Committed to Serve – Umbereen Nehal

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and don’t forget Belonging. Belonging is one of the most crucial aspects we talk less about but greatly impacts us. We also talked about Health Equity, what it means, and what we can do as healthcare leaders – it starts by raising the problem for us to start solving it! Hear why…More

  • Mind Medication – Aden Eyob

    Mind Medication – Aden Eyob

    In this episode, I had a great conversation with a leader in Mindset: Aden Eyob. Aden is a clinical neuroscientist and author of the Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living. She is the founder and CEO of Mind Medication, a fusion of neuroscience-psychology and spirituality based mindset consulting and speaker service that…More

  • The Key is People – Zen Chu

    The Key is People – Zen Chu

    Zen Chu built and invested in several successful medical and healthcare companies, his key to success: People first. When reflecting on the investor side, this doesn’t change either, it starts with people. For Zen, the best leaders and investors are those focused on impact, and when love is in their life, it allows them to…More

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