The world needs positive sustainable change. It is our individual and collective responsibility to make it happen. Start the movement! Spread Love in organizations for people to feel safe to thrive, and imagine a better world.

Hear from leaders across the world on their journeys spreading love in their organizations bringing genuine care for people to thrive, resulting in positive impact for the company’s stakeholders and healthcare globally.

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
The Key is People – Zen Chu
  • The Key is People – Zen Chu

    Zen Chu built and invested in several successful medical and healthcare companies, his key to success: People first. When reflecting on the investor side, this doesn’t change either, it starts with people. For Zen, the best leaders and investors are those focused on impact, and when love is in their life, it allows them to…More

  • Referent Leadership – Jim Dougherty

    Jim Dougherty SpreadLoveio Quote

    You rarely chat with a leader with such extensive successful experience, from building companies to being on boards of large institutions, whose purpose is to make people happy. Through his humility and focus on mutual respect, transparency, and honesty, Jim Dougherty believes that one of the most important keys to success is the culture you…More

  • Change Needs Courage & Data – Dimitris Bertsimas

    AI is simply the future, more explicitly Dimitris Bertsimas likes to talk about analytics which is for him the science of using data to build models that lead to decisions that impact the world positively. Personalized medicine is the aspiring future that we will get to soon. As leaders, we will have to drive those…More

  • Compassionate Leader – Marissa Afton

    Marissa Afton SpreadLoveio Quote

    We’ve been hearing a lot lately about empathy and its importance in leadership (finally!), have you heard about compassionate leadership? Marissa Afton will take us through her work and research on what compassionate leaders do to build and engage high-performing teams and deliver success. You’ll also hear about self-care and the importance of “kindness to…More

  • The Two Should Coexist – Richard Kivel

    Richard Kivel SpreadLoveio Quote

    VC and Love? Can those two words coexist? For Richard Kivel, a renowned VC in healthcare, the most valuable VCs in the end, are those who are empathetic and direct at the same time. They are with you when there are problems, and point them out recognizing that things don’t usually go as planned. For…More

  • Genuine Love – Bob Jones

    When Bob heard the word love, he was really not sure… Hear his thoughts on the true meaning of spreading love in organizations from helping others realize their dreams to giving space for your people to thrive. Leadership is courage, entrepreneurship is loneliness, and if you go that route make sure the need is unmet,…More

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