The world needs positive sustainable change. It is our individual and collective responsibility to make it happen. Start the movement! Spread Love in organizations for people to feel safe to thrive, and imagine a better world.

Hear from leaders across the world on their journeys spreading love in their organizations bringing genuine care for people to thrive, resulting in positive impact for the company’s stakeholders and healthcare globally.

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
You Matter – Thierry Hulot
  • The Eternal Optimist – Andrew Plump

    The Eternal Optimist – Andrew Plump

    This episode is in partnership with MIT Sloan Healthcare and BioInnovations Conference, an event that brings the healthcare ecosystem together. We sat with Andy Plump, President of R&D and Board Member at Takeda, and discussed his personal story, his leadership beliefs, and the “Challenges in Scaling Biotech Innovation” the topic of his panel…

  • Work to Make a Difference – Michael Ullmann

    Work to Make a Difference – Michael Ullmann

    Being in healthcare is a privilege and a humbling responsibility; we impact lives. This is what Michael Ullman has done throughout his years at Johnson & Johnson from where he retired recently as Executive VP, General Counsel & Executive Committee Member. Leadership for Mike is grounded in humility, kindness, and optimism, it…

  • Ask the Big Questions – Melanie Ivarsson

    Ask the Big Questions – Melanie Ivarsson

    In this episode, we chatted with Melanie Ivarsson, Chief Development Officer at Moderna, who led teams in times the world was anxiously waiting for them to deliver us a hope with Covid Vaccine… and they did. How did they achieve this? How do you lead in such unprecedented times? How do you…

  • Authentic Imperfect Leadership – Lisa Matar

    Authentic Imperfect Leadership – Lisa Matar

    Many talks about authenticity in leadership, being true to self, and vulnerability, Lisa Matar exemplifies this leadership style and added to those words “imperfect” leadership. From a childhood spent in bomb shelters to being the first woman serving on the Board of Directors of Innovative Medicine Canada, Lisa summarizes her success through…

  • Lead Without Labels – Christi Shaw

    Lead Without Labels – Christi Shaw

    Looking back into your past, do you regret not taking the time to pause and cherish precious moments with your loved ones? Or not being there when they needed you the most? It is unlikely to listen to Christi Shaw and not pause and reflect on your personal story. What strikes us…

  • Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will – Otto Scharmer

    Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will – Otto Scharmer

    A transformational episode with a social transformer and thinker, Otto Scharmer. Hear in this episode from the creator of Theory U and the Presencing institute. The pandemic was a mirror of what is broken in our society. We all have a responsibility as leaders and change-makers to fix that, to improve the…

  • Not Tough Love, True Love – Enrique Conterno

    Not Tough Love, True Love – Enrique Conterno

    For our 34th episode, we talked to Enrique Conterno about his remarkable journey. Enrique talks about the importance of taking chances and risks in careers. There is no formula when it comes to building a sustainable business with strong performing teams. It’s all about centering and focusing on the common purpose and…

  • Purpose & People – Amy Edmondson

    Purpose & People – Amy Edmondson

    It is our responsibility as leaders to build fearless organizations. Organizations with low interpersonal fear for our people to be willing to speak-up their ideas, their beliefs, their thoughts, their experiments, their doubts, and team-up with one another for the greater good: it is not about me but about us. I had…

  • Linking Balcony to Basement – Lien Le

    Linking Balcony to Basement – Lien Le

    When asked about leadership, you certainly don’t expect to hear about basements and balconies… Our guest Lien Le is definitely not an architect but a dedicated physician with inspiring vulnerabilities, and powerful stories. Lien has a very interesting perspective on leadership and building performing teams: It’s all about leading from the basement!…

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