Not Tough Love, True Love – Enrique Conterno

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Not Tough Love, True Love - Enrique Conterno

For our 34th episode, we talked to Enrique Conterno about his remarkable journey. Enrique talks about the importance of taking chances and risks in careers. There is no formula when it comes to building a sustainable business with strong performing teams. It’s all about centering and focusing on the common purpose and the key values. Enrique explains the importance of implementing a culture of empowerment in an organization, leading to more accountability, thus teams will genuinely contribute to the success of their organization. Enrique shares with us his vision on leading in moments of crisis – “It is critical to remain true to your value, stick to your north star, otherwise one can get lost”. Crisis challenges us on many levels, but it’s an opportunity itself if it is framed the right way. It’s all a matter of refocusing the priority and staying grounded. When asked about work-life balance, Enrique stresses the importance of time and space to replenish and refresh. 

It’s not about tough love, but rather true love.”

MEET OUR GUEST Enrique Conterno Chief Executive Officer at Fibrogen.

A native of Peru, Enrique is a mechanical engineer with an MBA from Duke. He joined Eli Lilly in 1992 and spent the next two decades working in the U.S. and internationally across sales, marketing, finance, business development, and general management roles. Enrique became the President of Lilly Diabetes in 2009. In addition to those responsibilities, he took on the role of President of Lilly USA in January 2017 before retiring at the end of 2019 after 27 years of service with the company. Enrique is now the CEO of Fibrogen.

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