An Artist in Business – Geraldine Maouchi

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SpreadLove In Organizations
An Artist in Business - Geraldine Maouchi

#Botox_Your_Brain #Make_It_Happen #Agility_Is_An_Attitude, Geraldine lives by those hashtags! A business transformer, digital enthusiast, artist, executive, leader, a citizen of the world so many powerful words can help us draw an image of who she is. Through her diverse, impressive life and career in different types of organizations including healthcare, one common thread defined her learning: “it’s all about the Human”.

“Doubt. Think. Believe in yourself. Dare to try. Re-do it again and again.”

MEET OUR GUEST Geraldine Maouchi is an expert in Business Transformation. For the last 6 years, Geraldine has been leading Digital Transformations as a C-Level, member of Executive Committees in Retail, Luxury, and Healthcare. She was one of the first CDO to have joined the Chief Digital Officer Club in 2013. 

Since 2000, Geraldine Maouchi developed twofold expertise – both online and offline based on her vision of a Hybrid model blending the traditional and digital. She worked across Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Brazil, for all kinds of organizations (start-ups, SMC, groups, family businesses, entrepreneur, NGO), and in various industries (high-tech, telecom, hospitality, luxury, healthcare, retail, eBusiness…).  

Geraldine is, as well, a Guest lecturer for the HEC Master and MBA “Shaping Strategies in a Digital World” elective course and a Board Member of the EMlyon “Specialized Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy”.

Geraldine wrote several articles that were published in various media in Europe, USA, Middle-East, these include:
– Transformation in post-covid new normal (hybrid organization and holistic management): Will the new normal see the advent of novel leadership and hybrid organizations, The Economist Intelligence Unit, July 2020
– Building hybrid organizations (where online and offline merge) for both traditional companies and pure players: “The 4 steps towards a Hybrid organization” co-written with Affiliate Professor at Master of Strategy HEC Business School, Hélène Musikas, Forbes France, Q4 2019. 
– Digital Bulletin UK “Keeping Up with Digital Transformation”