Fail up – Rebecca Yeung

Fail up - Rebecca Yeung

Today we welcome Rebecca Yeung, Corporate Vice President of Operations Science and Advance Technology at FedEx Corporation, and she is one of fourteen C-Suite leaders who sits on FedEx’s Strategic Management Committee, which sets the global enterprise strategy. In her current role,  she leads FedEx’s innovation strategy. She has focused on onboarding advanced technologies, like robotics and electric vehicles, on solving some of the enterprise’s most pressing business challenges.

Today’s episode of OneMoment connected one particular moment when Rebecca was a teenager in China. If this moment had not happened, she likely would have never ended up on a path that has allowed her to rise to the highest levels of corporate America and realize the American Dream.

Rebecca let’s go to that moment… You were 15 years of age and the moment has to do with an exam you took… What was going on in your life and in China at that time? What was the exam and how did it impact you?