Know What You Don’t Know – Susan Silbermann

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Know What You Don't Know - Susan Silbermann

When we think of inspiring leaders, we remember those we learned from by watching how they did what they do. It is those we want to follow and be like. It is those who made us feel valued and heard, those who made us grow after each interaction even when it is an unpleasant conversation. Because people remember how they felt when you left the room, lead from a place of genuine care and love. Hear more from Susan Silbermann, her journey, and more of those incredible insights and learning she’s sharing with us.

“Ask the questions because you want to move the ball forward.”

MEET OUR GUEST Susan Silbermann, an accomplished, global senior business executive, with broad experience in healthcare across multiple geographies.

Curious by nature, Susan is an authentic and communicative leader who is adept at leading remote, diverse teams and who excels at working cross-functionally. This reputation extends to interactions in the policy, government affairs, and public health arenas.

She is a Board Director at HilleVax Inc (Comp Chair) and LianBio (NomGov Chair) and was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of IAVI, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. She is also a member of the board of Meet the Writers, a non-profit organization bringing together authors and students in low-income NYC public schools. Previously Susan served on numerous not-for-profit and NGO boards, including Gavi, the Vaccines Alliance (member of Governance Committee); Catalyst Inc; and the Council of the Americas. In March 2021, she stepped down as Vice-Chair of the President’s Council for Doing Business in Africa.

Before retiring from Pfizer last year, Susan led a then $8B revenue, 10,000 colleagues Emerging Markets division, and Pfizer’s internal Global COVID-19 Task Force, ensuring the safety and well-being of 75,000 employees, facilities, and medicine and vaccine supply chain. In her prior role, Susan was the Global President of Pfizer Vaccines, leading operations, commercial, and business development.

Susan is looking forward to whatever lies ahead — and looking backward doesn’t really lead you anywhere new, does it?