Data Clinician Entrepreneur – Dries Hens

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Data Clinician Entrepreneur - Dries Hens

This episode is special and the last in a series of three. In partnership with ESCP Business School, I’ll be giving the mic to students, the leaders of tomorrow, to discuss with seasoned healthcare executives about their journeys and leadership beliefs. We welcomed in this third episode, Dries Hens, physician, entrepreneur, and co-founder of LynxCare. For Dries, Purpose should be your way of living and it encompasses being “Healthy, Active, and Happy”. It is that simple yet complex to achieve. Dries believes in tech as a means to achieve great outcomes for patients., and that the real capital and value of his company is his people.

“Technology is a mean to achieve a goal but should never be a goal itself”

MEET OUR GUEST Dr. Dries Hens Cofounder of LynxCare

Dries Hens is a medical doctor and a successful entrepreneur. Dries knew he did not want to go towards clinical practice but still wanted to remain in the field. He wanted to do more in healthcare, by making the most of all the unexploited data. In parallel to his studies, he began to set up his company: LynxCare Clinical informatics. Dries is currently Co-Founder, Chief Business & Medical officer. Lynxcare transforms medical data into insights for hospitals, physicians, and patients.