Lead for Impact – Bridget Akinc

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Lead for Impact - Bridget Akinc

We all strive to have an impact on this world, to make life better for people, one at a time… Bridget Akinc exemplifies what leading with impact means through her daily work with nonprofit organizations. In this episode, Bridget shares her story, and sobering lessons we can all learn from as leaders leading in moments of crisis serving communities who experienced a much greater degree of loss; loss of lives, jobs, housing, freedom, financials… For her, we can’t understand “belonging” if we don’t understand being “othered”. Belonging is the crucial next step of DEIB and a key component to focus on as leaders.

“Take a moment to think and facilitate discussions that bring back humanity in all of us”

MEET OUR GUEST Bridget Scott Akinc Chief Executive Officer at Building Impact.

Passionate about innovation and finding new ways to work toward solving complex social challenges, Bridget leads Building Impact, a nonprofit organization that engages leading companies and brands in local communities through volunteering and capacity-building.

Prior to this role, Bridget led dynamic teams focused on accelerating growth and innovation enabled by technology across multiple sectors including finance, retail, automotive, high-technology, and education. She led strategic consulting and marketing teams for high-growth Silicon Valley-based software companies like BEA Systems and Oracle, as well as leading non-profit organizations like The New Teacher Project.

Bridget also serves on the faculty of MIT Sloan, teaching the “Leading With Impact” course I had the privilege to be part of. Bridget is a marathon runner, youth soccer coach, and an avid visitor to national parks with her family.