Leadership Through Universal Human Truth – Gabi Mittas

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
Leadership Through Universal Human Truth - Gabi Mittas

In this episode, you will hear from an international leader, walking us through her personal journey, starting with her upbringing in Australia in a very cosmopolitan environment, talking about all the diversity and richness you get from growing and thriving in such an atmosphere to her experience in healthcare leading marketing teams in pharma across the world to bring science into something that resonates, touches and impacts people. 

Align on a common purpose that will drive your behavior… Look for the universal human truth.”

MEET OUR GUEST Gabi Mittas, Chief Marketing Officer Australia, New Zealand, and North Asia Pacific Region at Eli Lilly.

Gabi is one of the most purpose-driven, human-centric leaders you’ll meet. She has an extensive experience in sales, marketing, and commercial organizations across the globe. She led marketing teams in Australia, the UK, the US, and Globally. She was Senior Director in Global Marketing Oncology before taking the lead of the marketing organization as Chief Marketing Officer for Australia, New Zealand, and the North Asia Pacific Region. Gabi is passionate about people’s development and how to positively impact patients’ journeys.