People Over Projects – Julie Rachline

SpreadLove In Organizations
SpreadLove In Organizations
People Over Projects - Julie Rachline

In today’s episode, we get to sit with Julie Rachline, CEO at LallianSe. We will deep dive into Julie’s experience as an entrepreneur living by a very genuine motto: Be an opportunity for others! Taking us through her personal journey, and learnings on choosing people over projects, simply because good people lead to great projects and generate outstanding impact. 

“Be an opportunity for others.”

MEET OUR GUEST Julie Rachline Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LallianSe since 2015.

PhD in Neuropharmacology and ESCP Business School Alumni, Julie Rachline is a serial entrepreneur and former VC driven by passion for innovation and science. With more than a decade of experience as an early- stage and growth capital investor in France and Europe combined with two years as a head-hunter, she founded LallianSe in 2015 and is the Integrator’s CEO since.

LallianSe integrator builds the foundations for better health by relying on the LallianSe community of Experts, which offers outsourced management of key responsibilities to steer operations towards success as well as hospital immersion, with coworking spaces combined with dedicated events for innovation in healthcare.

Julie is also co-founder and CEO of Braintale, leader of Invest Health, the commercial affiliate of EIT Health , evaluator for the European Commission with EIC programs and independent board member of DTA Medical, Virdis and TechToMed.