Kill The Dragons – Chinedu Echeruo

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Kill The Dragons - Chinedu Echeruo

In this special episode, you’ll hear from a serial entrepreneur who successfully sold one of his companies to Apple and is now dedicating his life to helping people achieve their own goals of imagination by “removing the dragons to human subjective progress”. He is now co-founder and “dreamer” of Love & Magic Company working with leaders and organizations on “magic” to turn potential into reality, putting structure in their imagination, making electricity, and bringing potential to life.

“Every uniqueness is a part of the human tapestry.”

MEET OUR GUEST Chinedu Echeruo a serial entrepreneur who has dared to invent the future.

Chinedu believes that individuals, empowered by imagination and inspiration, can solve virtually any problem. He dared to invent the future starting in 2005, when he founded HopStop, the pioneering travel app that helped millions of users navigate public transportation in major metropolitan areas around the world that Apple acquired in 2013. Chinedu also founded Tripology, a lead-generation and referral business for the travel industry. Tripology was acquired by Rand McNally and now owned by USA Today.

Chinedu cofounded “Love & Magic Company” to co-build beloved organizations with innovative partners.

Prior to completing his MBA, Chinedu spent several years at J.P Morgan Chase where he was involved in a broad range of M&A, financing, and private equity transactions.
Chinedu has been featured in multiple media, including and is committed to making the world a better, more cohesive place through the free flow of information.