The Infinite Person – Rhie Lim

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SpreadLove In Organizations
The Infinite Person - Rhie Lim

From her experience as a journalist at CNBC in Korea to her move to the USA and now co-founding a biotech startup transforming research… Rhie-young Lim shares her story, and learnings inspired by her Asian culture, talking about grit and execution but most importantly about universal language, building a startup, and performing teams working for a shared vision and purpose. 

“Every different perspective makes us richer.”

MEET OUR GUEST Rhie-young Lim Chief Operations Officer at LifeCanvas Technologies. Rhie cofounded Lifecanvas, an MIT biotech startup that is transforming biological tissue processing and phenotyping to radically improve human health.

Since the startup’s incorporation 3 years ago, Rhie has successfully led fundraising and exclusive licensing efforts and has grown the company into a profitable venture. She now oversees day-to-day operations spanning marketing, sales, distribution, as well as talent management, and long-term strategy and planning. Previously, Rhie brought the very first overseas MIT entrepreneurship Bootcamp to Seoul, South Korea, and was a financial correspondent for CNBC Asia for 6 years!