Fighting Inertia – Doug Bruce

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SpreadLove In Organizations
Fighting Inertia - Doug Bruce

Leading through pandemics, crises, innovation breakthroughs, and transformations is Dr Doug Bruce’s specialty. From HIV pandemic management in most hit countries to leading large transformations in the US healthcare system, Doug will share his key learning from overcoming silos to reaching the “truth” in moments of crisis and change. His leadership lessons are insightful for all of us whether in public health, private sector, or NGO: be creative, be a listener, and be humble. Doug spreads love by treating people with dignity, ensuring they know and perceive their value, and this spreads to patients…

“We build trust through transparency, humility, and honesty.”

MEET OUR GUEST Dr. Doug Bruce associate Chief of Clinical Affairs at Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Robert Doug Bruce is Associate Chief of Clinical Affairs at Boston University School of Medicine and Director of Primary Care at Boston Medical Center (BMC). Prior to those roles, Doug transformed healthcare in the New Haven community focusing on the largest health center in new haven on quality and value-based care which resulted in significant savings for CT Medicaid and the community. Doug was also Chief of Medicine at Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Yale University.

Doug is a global expert in substance use disorders in people with HIV and hepatitis C. He has published widely on the topic of substance use disorders and HIV. He has provided technical assistance to CDC, NIH, and the United Nations.

In September 2020, Doug moved to Boston to join BU and BMC to continue practice transformation, innovation, and quality improvement within a safety net organization’s large academic medical practice.